Lab 6: Peer Design Review for Project 2

This is a totally new way of doing things for project 2. Please bear with us if parts of it seem lame, since you are the first to try it out! Please report any errors or feedback directly to Josh:



In this lab, your ICT will discuss your design with an ICT that is not part of your design group. You will also see an example of a design document for a flawed design, and will submit your own design document for your project, though it will not be graded.

You'll start this lab by finding an ICT that is not part of your design group. You'll then compare designs for the next ~40 minutes, before getting back together with your design group (if everyone was able to attend). If you don't have a design yet, you're behind on the project, but you should still participate in a discussion.

Throughout the lab, the TAs will be walking around, and our goal is to have a brief discussion with every ICT for a few minutes. This may mean interrupting your peer discussion with another ICT.

Part IA: Peer Discussion [10 to 20 minutes]

Designate one ICT as the "questioners", and the other as the "answerers". The goal of these discussions are to:

The goal is NOT to figure whose design is best, or for you to entirely rework your original design.

First: Using a whiteboard (or a piece of paper, if a whiteboard is unavailable), the answerers should draw a box and pointer diagram showing the state of all of your instance variables after creating the one row table shown below.

X int Y int Z int
1 2 3

Afterwards, the questioners should ask about the answerers ICT's design. Some recommended questions are listed below:

Part IB: Peer Discussion in Reverse [10 - 20 minutes]

Swap roles between the questioners and the answerers.

If you run out of things to discuss before the TA announces that it's time to move to part II, start looking over the example design doc.

Optional Part II

Look over the example design doc, and try to identify flaws with this design. Some questions you might consider:

Part III - Design Document

Get back together with your design group if they were able to also attend the same lab. Share what you learned and discuss potential changes to your design based on your discussions.

Submit a design document, either as an ICT, or as entire design group. It doesn't matter who submits to gradescope, but make sure to mark all members on gradescope. Your design document should be called either design_document.txt or design_document.pdf. These documents will not be graded or read by your TA, but they may be used after the semester to help revise this project.

Even if you are unable to complete your design document by 5 PM on Friday, submit what you are able to complete at that time.

If possible, make sure to talk to your TA before leaving! Make sure to show them your whiteboard or paper drawing of your instance variables while describing your design.